PURE ROK: Addressing The Global Drinking Water Crisis

What is Pure ROK?

Incorporating state-of-the-art design with low-cost manufacturing techniques, PURE ROK units contain no moving parts, require no external power source and use nothing except the sun itself to convert foul water – including brackish water and even sea water – into clean, pure drinking water through an innovative and highly effective evaporation, condensation and filtration process.

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The Drinking Water Crisis

More than 1.1 BILLION people lack regular access to safe drinking water – and this figure is growing. 6,000 children die EVERY DAY as a result of disease associated with lack of access to safe drinking water. In many countries, the lack of clean, safe water is the primary reason people are unable to rise out of poverty – with women and children bearing the human costs disproportionately, often spending six hours or more each day fetching water for their families and communities.

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A Bit About Us

ROK Stars was founded by US Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK serial entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick. John Paul DeJoria is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell as well as being co-founder of Patron tequila, the worlds Number 1 premium tequila brand valued at USD $4 Billion.

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Pure ROK is proud to currently offer several water purification systems.

Our forward thinking and innovative solutions are built to address the global drinking water crisis. << >>

Recent Updates

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ROK Stars donates PURE ROK Water-Purification Units to the Philippines


ROK Stars PLC, the consumer goods and environmental technologies development company founded by John Paul DeJoria and UK entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has announced it has donated two PURE ROK water-purification.. read more

Water Test America LLC laboratory report into the conversion of polluted water into clean drinking water by PURE ROK


Our water sample submitted came from a construction site near our office.  It was rain water that had sat and run off to a depression or hole where the water.. read more

New Website Launched


New website launched