PURE ROK: Addressing The Global Drinking Water Crisis

S4 (Sea Water Purification).

S4 (Sea Water Purification)

Many millions of people without access to clean drinking water live within sight of the oceans.

98% of all the water on the plant is undrinkable sea water.

Desalination seems the most obvious solution! However, it is not that easy.

While there are some 1,500 desalination plants operating in the world, many of them in the Middle East, producing more than 15 billion gallons of water per day, the impact to date of desalination plants on the global drinking water crisis has been tiny.

Large-scale desalination plants require huge investment in infrastructure and a great deal of expensive energy to operate.

One thing is certain: If the small-scale, local, desalination process improves, it would have the potential to change the entire global drinking water crisis

Hence PURE ROK’s S4 solution.

Designed to convert seawater through evaporation and condensation alone at the rate of 4 gallons per day, S4 units will be distributed to those communities who live in close proximity to the sea but lack access to safe, clean drinking water.

S4 units have no moving parts, are operated purely by the power of the sun and only require cleaning every 4 weeks.